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Soak in the Fun & Colorful Block in London

A Day in Notting Hill

Notting Hill may be London’s most popular neighborhood. (Thank you, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!) The whole West London neighborhood is abounding with creative, bohemian energy that’s no doubt fostered in part by the neighborhood’s iconic painted houses, abundant antique stores and bookshops. Here’s where to go to discover London's funniest and the most colorful Block. Join uin on a walking tour of Notting Hill and soak in fun and color.

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The most shops at Portobello road market are small locally owned businesses which means that you can find things you can’t find anywhere else. They have a bit of everything including a wide selection of teapots and other ceramics. Every Saturday is the antique market in the world. Get ready with your uin, as you might need to walk the half-mile stretch and see what kind of bargains you can get.

The distinctive rainbow-colored houses of Notting Hill bring abundance to the area. As you meander through the colorful streets of Notting Hill, you will find it’s like entering a different world. Put your phone down and explore in the little details and the overall atmosphere.

The Notting Hill Bookshop in London is a literary lover's paradise. As featured in the ‘Notting Hill’ movie, this legendary bookshop was owned by Hugh Grant’s William Thacker character in the film and the location where the leading characters met. It will be the perfect place to go after you've experienced the hustle and bustle of the main market.

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Soak in the Fun & Colorful Block in London