Immerse yourself in the Spanish dream in your daily life to experience the historical towns, Flamenco dance, music, and festivals; to feel the unique passion and leisure of Spain; to make every step of walking full of art, passion, and freedom. Let's explore the world with uin and wear the Spanish Story on your feet.

UIN Footwear Women HANA Art Painted Women Slip-on Loafers (Pre-sale) Canvas loafers

The shoe soles are inspired by the map of the islands and coastline, incorporating humanity and nature, bringing you the refreshing atmosphere of the Mediterranean and a relaxed state of mind. Let's Lie on the beach, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy your carefree holiday brought by slow Spanish life.

The"Water Ripple" Structure outsoles are inspired by the stunning coastal scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. Let's embrace the freedom of Spain with the oceanic wave and the different shades of azure, and measure the temperature of this seaside city with your feet.

Classic Collections

uin x Fatcatart

The playful, adorable orange cat on the upper makes a statement on your feet.


Funny Collection

Why so serious? You are chosen to be FUN!


Color & Geometry Collection